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Modern Contemporary Style

Infuse modern elements with neutral palettes curved lines and prominent minimalism

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Scandinavian Style

Characteristic your home space with light, natural element, natural palletts and clean lines.

Industrial Style

Looking your home with a retro look together with its raw finish, bold lines and chic style.

Minimalist Style

The style of minimalism is a design approach that is characterized by austerity and laconism in decoration.

Vintage Style

Make people nostalgically remembering sweeter times with 1940’s glamour and homes with gorgeous furniture.

Retro Style

More commonly used to refer to interior decor inspired by the 1950s to 1970s, retro interiors often feature psychedelic patterns and colours.

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A smooth renovation journey with strong friendship forged between the homeowners and the ID. Mr Radhakrishnan and their family say about favourite areas in their home, how was Interior Designer, and their experience throughout their entire renovation journey.

"Value for money for the quality of work done as well as service attitude.

ID Vincent is very approachable and responsive to any inquiries. We find it happy to have him as our ID. He is helpful and always pro-actively gives us advice.  The design style as well as working period proposed are within expected timeline. It brought us convenience in terms of planning, i.e. no disruption due to unexpected incidents. The entire process went very smoothly."

Zoe Duan Xuya, Homeowner

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