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How to redeem?


For every meet up with our partnered Interior Design (ID) Firm, you are entitled to redeem up to $100 e-voucher for Audio House and $100 voucher for Cellini furniture.

1. First successful meet up with ANY of our 13 partnered IDs (in the drop down list below) you are entitled to win $100 e-voucher from Audio House.
2. The second meet up with any of ANY of our 13 partnered IDs, you are entitled to win $100 Cellini Furniture Voucher. (Which we will mail it to your home address).
3. Each household can redeem up to $200 worth of vouchers. ($100 Audio House + $100 Cellini Voucher).
4. After the meetup, homeowners are required to take a picture of their Interior Designer and attached a photo in the form below to prove that the meet up is successful.
5. We will inform the winner once we verify with the ID and release the vouchers accordingly.
6. Limited Time Promo: 21 June - 20 July 2017